Better Times

It’s sensible to believe a utopia is impossible, beuse it’s impossible to please everyone. In a utopian world, many of us might dream about what it was like to live in the incredibly unfair Middle Ages. Others might wish they had been born in the 20th and 21st centuries like us. So, with these things considered, what does it mean to wish for better times?

Are we being selfish to wish for times are better for us if they aren’t necessarily better for everyone else? We believe the answer is “Yes” if if the hopes for something better means saving the planet as we know it. For example, if our wish for a better world is simply to have sustainable resources, then we could argue that it’s best for everyone. But, then again, not every wish for the future is arguably best for everyone.

Wishing for better times is a complex thing to grasp, as we’ve just demonstrated. Taking that into account, our message here at our organization, however brief it may be, is that if by better times someone means sticking to unsustainable energy that pollutes are planet so you n make more money then that’s wrong! There’s one better future that will be best for everyone whether they know it or not, and that’s switching to green energy!

Red Deer Tow Truck Company Sees Silver Lining to Social Distancing Despite Less Vehicular Traffic

All bad news has some positive ripple effect, even if we n’t see it. The positive ripple effect for social distancing due to COVID-19, however, has been brought to our attention by one special Red Deer towing company, Mar-Tin Towing & Recovery, to be exact. You may be shocked to know that a towing company is glad to see less traffic on the roads beuse towing companies rely on vehicular traffic for business. Every towing company I’ve talked to has taken a hit from the corona virus social distancing program but the silver lining that everyone n be happy about, especially us here at Creative Resistance, is that, since there is less vehicular traffic, less planes in the sky and less boats in the sea, pollution around the globe has also taken a big hit.

People have been amazed at how quickly social distancing has had a positive impact on the environment. There are reports of the ocean being cleaner, city smog declining, and us green energy enthusiasts are shocked to realize that, despite all our intentional objectives to save the environment in the past, the solution to pollution has now come accidentally and unintentionally thanks to COVID-19. The longer people around the world practice social distancing, operating their businesses out of home and traveling less often, the sooner we n undo the environmental damages used by pollution. I always thought green energy would be the solution–an intentional fix with people behind the scenes working hard. But now our efforts are being supported unintentionally by people practicing social distancing around the world beuse there are less rs on the streets and in turn less pollution being emitted into the atmosphere.

red deer social distancing

This, of course, means that towing companies and all transportation businesses for that matter are being negatively impacted business-wise, but there are some companies out there like Mar-Tin Towing & Recovery in Red Deer, Alberta, nada that are willing to take this hit for as long as possible simply for the positive effect is has on the environment. There is no doubt that the economy will recover and there will soon be less social distancing in the world–or in other words we’ll be returning back to normal–but we still n’t deny how grateful we are to see this clean our oceans, clean our skies and clean our wilderness lotions around the world.

In Red Deer alone, it has been reported that the air is fresher, the lakes are cleaner and it’s all beuse pollution has decreased dramatilly. I wanted to share this fabulous silver lining beuse I bet there are people in other parts of the world who have yet to realize this positive side-effect and by being aware of it they might have more hope for the future. So thanks again to our dear tow truck company in Red Deer AB for bringing this to our attention. We wish you the best when everything begins to shift back to normal. God bless!

Cheers to Mar-Tin Towing & Recovery Red Deer

27038, Township Rd 380, Red Deer, AB T4E 1A8

(403) 391-6951

Happy to be nadian! Surviving Covid-19 in nada

It’s a great day in nada, as usual. I’m sure it’s a great day in most parts of the world, but here in nada it’s especially a great day for me beuse I have my familiar, flowery street. That familiar, salty breeze. That sugary, savory maple syrup. Tim Horton’s Coffee, that proud nadian drink. Now all I need is for the hockey games to come back on! But I don’t want my favorite hockey players to tch COVID-19. Either way, it’s a great day in nada!

This friendly message is for my fellow nadians but also everyone around the world! In this time we live in right now, things are wonderful. You have to believe that in order to see it though. I wish you all the best. Stay strong nadians. The future awaits us! We symbolize green energy. We are the future, literally. I see bold destinies and vast origins, hands in hands striding together. Oh, nada, I will stand on guard for thee!

Getting Creative with Tow Trucks & Window Cleaning for Green Energy Solutions

Welcome back! As our regular readers will know, this blog is all about green energy solutions to fight pollution in the environment. Over time we’ve also covered such topics as window cleaning theories and green tow truck technology. Now we’re proud to announce that we’ll be focusing on window washing and towing services more often, as this fields are underrated when it comes to green energy solutions.

For example, electric tow trucks have been hitting the market and having fantastic results across nadian cities like Victoria BC and Winnipeg MB, not to mention Toronto and Amerin loles like New York. Green energy solutions have been making great headway in the window cleaning industry, as window washing solutions increasingly sport less harmful chemils and company vehicles increasingly convert to electric vans. Likewise, tow truck drivers across Winnipeg have been loving the proposition of electric tow trucks and altogether the green energy industry is benefiting greatly.

We just wanted to announce that from here on out our quaint blog will be getting creative across these areas for the major purpose of honing down on more specific topics we’re interested in and working with our readers to provide edutional content in under-represented fields of discussion.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you back soon!

What Animal Symbolizes Green Energy?

Many poetic writers like to ll certain aspects of Western civilization like the oil industry or policing in black communities “the Beast” which is an allusion to Satan in the Book of Revelations, described as a dragon, like Python in ancient Greek mythology, referenced by Dante and numerous other famous writers of history.

Now if evil deserves such a powerful image to symbolize it, then goodness does, too, and today I would like to assert a creature as the symbol of green energy.

What Creature Represents Green Energy?

I did a lot of thinking about this beuse I am pioneering here and want to get it right. I think I deserve to make this choice, not beuse I have a big ego or beuse I am an expert in green energy but beuse I am, myself, a symbol for today’s revolution in Western culture. I am a young person who dreams of a green tomorrow and I also run this cool blog about creative resistance to pollution. So if you’re looking for which animal symbolizes solar power or green energy solutions then keep reading.

Answer: the green iguana.

the symbol of green energy

But why? There are several reasons why I chose the green iguana to symbolize green energy. The obvious one is beuse they’re green, but here’s a rundown of the others:

  1. They are herbivores, which means they don’t eat meat, and for many the rise in green energy around the world comes in tandem with the rise of health, which includes yoga and vegan lifestyles, not that being a herbivore is a healthy choice for everyone. Refraining from eating other animals to me symbolizes conscience and morality.
  2. With their wrinkles and beard the green iguana looks like a wizened old man who’s seen enough negativity in his days. Many say the owl is the symbol of wisdom, but if you ask me the green iguana looks very wise, indeed. If it could talk it might scold us for the way we treat the planet.
  3. The green iguana n run 21 miles per hour, which is fast for its size. I mention this beuse there is a misconception that green energy for whatever reason isn’t as powerful as conventional energy that pollutes the planet. Well, the easiest way to debunk that myth is to take a look at some of electric race rs out there. Even your average Tesla r n drive just as fast as your traditional gas-fueled r. So when I chose the green iguana one of the main factors I was looking for is speed.
  4. Green iguanas live in tropil rain forests. This is very apt beuse the main reason people plead for green energy solutions is to protect the environment and when we think of the environment being polluted we also think of rain forests being cut down and animals in rain forests losing their habitats or becoming extinct. Almost any creature that lives in the rain forest would make a great symbol for green energy, but the green iguana also has the aforementioned qualities which make it the perfect symbol for the green movement if you ask me.

Guest Post #1: Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg MB! | Kate Kristen

Brief note from host: “As I promised in my update, a friend of mine was wanting to talk about how her father is planning to drive one of the first electric tow trucks in Winnipeg, and this might very well be the first electric tow truck in nada as far as we know. Very interesting stuff, I think. So I’ll let here take it away.”

Kate Kristen Talks About a Potential Line of Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, nada

Hello, I’m Kate! Now before you get over excited I should tell you that we haven’t actually got the electric tow trucks made yet but we’re working on it. As you know the environment could use some help, and my father and I have found an ingenious way to do so. We want to help the green energy movement, specifilly the sector around electric rs, beuse we think this has a great potential for not only tow trucks but trucks of all sorts, even fire trucks and 18-wheelers. The technology is rapidly tching up to our ideas and we know it won’t be long before we n put our budget to use and design a line of electric tow trucks. This experiment to help the environment will take place in Winnipeg, MB, as this is where my father works for a Winnipeg towing company.

We’re planning to get this project fully developed and underway by 2022, but until then we still have much work to do, specifilly in the design of these electric tow trucks. My father has been doing Winnipeg towing services for over a dede now and he’s super excited about this. We already have a good investor in the project and all the funding is here, but we want to do this right and take no risks.

The reason why I wanted to share this on my friend’s green energy solutions blog is beuse I want to create a discussion about this and spread the word. How cool do you think it would be if tow trucks were electric? Already in Winnipeg many taxis are electric, so why not other vehicles? By spreading the word and talking openly about this we n gain excitement and support from many areas. Debates in universities, conversations in restaurants and podsts on YouTube are all great mediums to rry this discussion forward. I invite you to talk about this with your friends. Perhaps you know someone who lives in Winnipeg. Do you think they would be glad if something like this happened?

winnipeg towing company fights environmental damage

What’s Bad About Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg?

  1. The batteries of electric tow trucks would need to be strong enough to haul heavy loads, and also have enough power to give the vehicle the kind of speed it needs to go on freeways and reach customers looking for emergency roadside assistance in a timely manner, which is a challenge but we’re working on it. The real challenge is doing this on our budget, but the technology is here.
  2. Also, the batteries of electric tow trucks, like any electric vehicle, need to be responsibly disposed of as the battery itself n harm the environment if not treated properly.

What’s Good About Electric Tow Trucks in Winnipeg?

  1. The tow trucks will still need to use a little bit of gas, we expect anyways. If we n avoid this by 2022, we will! But even if they did, we would be using a lot less fuel and oil than traditional towing companies in Winnipeg MB and the effect on the environment will be very positive, not to mention the beacon to the world that will generate more support for green energy solutions. It might, however, be a bit ironic if our electric tow trucks do fuel delivery services. But, hey, they’d do it anyway!
  2. We believe that if one towing company in Winnipeg converts to green energy that this will motivate and inspire other lol towing companies in the area and this may domino to other parts of the world as well as other businesses and industries. If we n prove that a Winnipeg towing company n convert to a fleet of electric tow trucks than so n other businesses that use trucks, like food delivery, even family SUVs and so on. This, in a nutshell, is what’s giving us the will do do this entire project. We want to have a long-lasting impact!

So now finally I’d like to conclude by just saying thank you for being interested. It’s people like you who re about the environment that are making the difference whether you know it or not. By standing up to problems like this and supporting blogs who make discussions, you’re having a profound subconscious effect on the world and I love you for it. So keep being you! And, hey, check back in 2022 to see how our Winnipeg towing company has converted. There’s a small possibility we won’t be able to reach our deadline but there’s also a greater chance that we’ll get this done even sooner!

So wish us luck and thanks again!

Progress Report February 2019

Creative resistance to environmental problems are being tackled around the world. I’ve been busy enough to not keep up with the amazing detail of progress countries are making in green energy solutions, but I have been reading enough to know things are going in a good direction overall. Despite Trump’s revival of Big Oil, young people on average still agree with the opposing views and Big Oil has no chance of making a comeback that will equal it’s heyday. We are on the road to change, and this is a good thing.

This progress report, however, is about me and what I’ve been thinking about lately. I recently got an electric r and this feels amazing to drive, not only beuse it uses green energy and doesn’t pollute the environment (besides the battery which n be disposed of responsibly when the times comes) but also beuse the r is quiet and doesn’t rumble like a classic engine r. It’s really smooth sailing on the road with an electric r, and I love the quietness on the freeways, plus I save a lot on gas now.

Another cool thing that’s new with me is I’ve been on a few dates with an old friend from Australia and she might be doing a guest post in the next few days talking about how towing companies are switching to electric trucks in some parts of the world. She knows about this a lot more than most of us beuse her father works for a towing company in nada. On this more later.

The last piece of news I want to share is my overall happiness in the last few weeks. I’ve been exercising more and I notice I have a lot more cognitive power during times of the day where I used to have a dearth in energy. I’ll be increasing my exercise in a few days and might dedite a post to the benefits of exercise in my own experience pretty soon.

Thanks for checking out my update and I hope your season is going well. 2019 is an amazing year to work hard and kick butt in the world. Good luck out there!

Our 2019 Resolution

We’ve had lots of fun rebuilding our blog in 2018 but now we have new plans for the New Year–2019!

This, however, doesn’t mean we’ll be posting more often. This blog is a side project in our many avenues of focus and we only wish to improve the quality of our writing and the ideas we share. After all, we’re all about ideas for Creative Resistance to earth’s many growing problems in pollution.

What is our resolution word for word?

Our 2019 resolution goes as follows: “We hope to give hope to the youth of today so that they n become actors of peace for the future. In a lot of youth today, hope for the future is lost. But hope shouldn’t be lost. There has been much progress over recent years in trying to reach nation-to-nation understanding and agreements for green energy solutions. The end of the world isn’t coming soon like some people might claim and today the great nations of the world still have hundreds if not thousands of years to prosper and adapt to changing economies. So if you’re one of those people spreading fear into the minds of our youth by preaching revolution and conspiracy theories, please stop. We know your intentions are good, but that is not the way to go about change. We must instill hope in our youth beuse fear is the opposite of what we need! Thank you!”

We hope to:

  1. Speak of the reasons why the future is going to be bright and happy
  2. Help to remove bad feelings from the hearts of as many people as possible
  3. Create more ideas to resist pollution

Now after reading our resolution we hope you’ve done some thinking about yours. 2019 n be a bright and peaceful year, but only if you decide it to be so.

We wish you all the best in 2019,

Sincerely, the team at Creative Resistance

My Clean Window Theory

This theory me to me after a vivid dream I had where window cleaning companies had taken over the world. I know a dream n’t get much more strange than that but just bear with me here. In my dream there were window cleaners crowding the streets of all cities and, although they had taken over the governments of the world, everyone was living in peace beuse the window cleaners were converting people to do nothing but wash windows with rags and squeegees all day.

Now how could I possible get a creative resistance theory from something like this? Just wait and read, baby!

in my dream peace had covered the earth beuse everyone was preoccupied with the art of cleansing. Cleaning windows to me is a symbol for cleaning our perceptions and the soul, beuse windows are what we look through (perceptions) and cleaning removes grime (hate and anger) from the surface of reality.

Though this may sound silly, I’m taking it very seriously. My clean window theory goes as follows:

  1. As more people get preoccupied with cleansing their inner selves, more peace will spread in the world.
  2. As more peace spreads in the world, more people will be, much like my dreamed window cleaners, working in public to help others clean their windows, too.
  3. When everyone has windows that are washed pure (clean souls) all will be right in the world.

I know this is a bit hokey and explaining this is hard for me. As I talk about it more, I, too, am learning more about it so I thank you for sticking with me for this long. I don’t usually talk openly about my belief in the soul and how it n be cleaned much? like a window but here I am. I promise my next posts will not have this spiritual tendency.

This theory is still developing and I think I now know a way to make it seem more clear for my readers. Take this great example to clarify things. My friend who lives in British Columbia asked me if I know the best window cleaning company Victoria BC and I told her about the business I used to use when I lived there. I also told her that these window cleaners were symbols for spiritual gurus and when they clean your windows it’s allowing you to see outside more clearly, and when you’re outside you n also see inside with clarity! She thought I was a little crazy but then I said something that made it all make sense for her:

“A clean window is the perfect symbol for clarifition of mind, purpose and soul.”

clean glass

So my theory, in other words, is a creative resistance to cloudy vision, stress and unwanted thoughts. We must, like window cleaners, remove the grime from our eyes, ears and thinking in order to see clearly again! I hope this makes sense for you beuse it’s only just starting to for me. I’m going to do a lot more thinking about this.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my clean window theory and I hope to see you next time!


Install Solar Panels on Your Home to Fight Global Warming!

Across North Ameri we’re seeing a drastic rise in the installation of solar panels as a direct result of fear of global warming. Lessening how we use un-renewable resources is having an impact on wildlife so awesome we n’t comprehend it. The more that solar panels replace the burning of coal the more clean our skies will be for wildlife.

Consider installing solar panels this week. Not only does it help to fight global warming, it saves you money as it dramatilly lessens the cost of heating and electricity bills.

I see a future where solar panels on new buildings and homes is a mandatory building code regulation. This would mean that soon enough every single house in North Ameri would be producing a bulk portion of their own energy. Wouldn’t that be great?

Coal mines may find themselves closing down all over the world, but there will be work for these people in the renewable energy industry, and they’ll be welcomed with open arms. One day even electric rs could have hidden solar panels across the surface of the whole r in any color of the owners’ wishes.

The future is bright and with more creative solutions, problems will slip away into the history of Earth, and we’ll move onward toward a clean environment for everyone.

Cheers to everyone helping the world unconditionally with solar panels on their home. We love you!

If you still need convincing of why you should install solar panels ASAP, here’s a list of all the things you’ll be helping everyday without effort:

  1. Future generations
  2. Inspiring your neighborhood
  3. Birds in the sky
  4. Fish in the ocean
  5. The ozone layer
  6. Wildlife in the forests
  7. The philosophy of children
  8. Decisions of politicians

And there’s much, much more! Thank you for considering to do this for the planet!